Your own taste of you.

Dear Friend,

You offer so much more to the world than it will ever deserve. You live as a ray of hope for the shattered, the disappointed, the happy, the sad… Indeed, for everyone fortunate enough to have crossed paths with you. You always make an effort to fit in everyone’s shoes, even sometimes ignoring that some of the sizes are way too big or way to tiny for you. Friend, you never give up.

Yesterday l noticed how you gladly offered a share of your meal with a hungry friend. Never minding that you hadn’t eaten anything yourself, yet you offered like there was more to be served. Through this, you offered our beautiful smile and gladly said something l would expect only you to say ,”Don’t mind me, I am well. Make sure you finish that food.”

The other day, l was amazed! You have that effect on people. It’s so magical how you convert strangers into friends. A stranger walked to you, and you smiled. You gave them an ever patient listening ear and l could see how easily you volunteered to help. They must have needed directions to a certain place. Incredibly, yet so true to your profile, you even offered take them there yourself. Always opening doors, leading the way, taking the lead, doing right by others, lighting up people’s hearts and making people smile.

Honestly, all this is beautiful and the world could do with a few more of your kind… but I daresay it would be so awesome if you started treating yourself the way you treat others. Quite obviously, your list, you always seem to appear last and sometimes you can’t even be traced. You clothe, love, care for, laugh with and comfort those around you. Yet you hate everything about yourself, cry yourself to sleep and live all your days in denial. That you don’t see yourself rends my heart and I wish you could see how deeply I need you to know this;

Darling, you too deserve all these good things. You deserve a bit of you too. Cheers.

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