Almost Here.

It’s almost here…It feels like another big piece of flesh has been added to every part of my body. I feel tall, I feel big , I feel energized . I know it’s only a mind set that every time you are about to add a year, you grow. You grow in all places; be […]

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The month of May.

31st May 2020 21:30pm Hey May, I hope you’re ready to give a chance to your brother,June. Sometimes it hurts that I am more attached to June than I am to you . Yet you seem like you’d be a good friend if we sorted out our differences. You see…every other passing year, you seem […]

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Little Dove

I sit in my father’s compound. There is an Eurasian collared dove resting gently on the ground. I’m relaxed as I listen to it cooing. It looks peaceful. I wouldn’t have expected it not to, since it is a symbol of peace. I’m curious to know how it hasn’t figured out that I can be […]

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My favorite color is Grey but the cloudy weather today with all shades of Grey makes me think it’s not the best choice. I look at the carefully folded notes in my purse and do some bit of math, I have retribution for my missed math lesson but its a split second anyways. It’s a […]


Observing All Things

Evening walk.. Time check 7pm. Today ,I was sure l didn’t want to think about anything because usually when I take these walks, then I am up to something. I guess my mind creates different scenarios as I take those lonely walks and so does my heart. Seriously… I’m only trying this to get the […]

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Your own taste of you.

Dear Friend, You offer so much more to the world than it will ever deserve. You live as a ray of hope for the shattered, the disappointed, the happy, the sad… Indeed, for everyone fortunate enough to have crossed paths with you. You always make an effort to fit in everyone’s shoes, even sometimes ignoring […]

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